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Sunday, May 06, 2012

.Han Gang : Revisited.

Holla! Last week on my day off, after an exhausting gym session, I felt extremely hungry. And I persuaded Mr Chubby to visit this place hehe...At first I want to try the Incognito, but after browsed their menu, I was more interested with Han Gang. The magic spell of Korean upon me.......
Started with some banchan...
Jab Chae, 85K is a must order of course! This time they cooked it right!
I was craving for Gochujang, so I went with Ojingeo Bokeum, 90K. It's basically a stir-fried meat (I choose seafood this time) and vegetables with Gochujang sauce. It tasted spicy and slightly sweet, it's really good if you mixed in with rice :) It came in a normal plate, I think Han Gang's version was as good as my favorite Sarangche, the difference is Sarangche put it in a hot plate. I think it's genious since this dish easily went sticky and cold.
Mr Chubby was curious to try the Maeun Tteokpoki, 38K, since he saw it on Running Man. It's also like the Bokeum, but instead of the meat, it's using the rice cake, oh and also noodle. I think I ordered wrong dish since it was a same dish with different ingredients. Both of them tasted the same of course :P
Mr Chubby's Korean Ocha Tea, 15K.
Ice Peach Tea, 25K.

White Hunter , Incognito & Han Gang
Emporium Pluit Mall
Ground Floor
Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya Blok S-6, Jakarta Utara

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