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Sunday, May 06, 2012

.Ce Wei.

Had a dimsum mania last week, I went to eat dimsum 4 times in a week -__-"

I rarely eat dimsum since it costs more than usual expense hehe.. One of my favorite place to eat dimsum was Ce Wei, since they served quite good dimsum with normal price. Plus they had happy hour, each dimsum only 10.8K! :D
Started with Cheong Fan with Prawn, it's smooth and silky. Too bad my favorite Cheong Fan with Ca Kwe already sold out >.<
There are two types of dimsum eater for me, the steamed one and the fried one. I am the steamed dimsum eater, unlike Miss F who very fond of fried dimsum, so she happily munching down all the fried dimsum :P Like this one, Fried Prawn Dumplings with mayo. She loved it so much! :P
And also, the Prawn Spring Roll. I only ate 1 piece, it was good! :D
Siomay was also good as I remembered..yum :D
Hakau was a bit messy but tasted fresh..
And this, what I aimed for. Steamed Radish Cake with XO Sauce. Okay I can't find anything sauce-y in that cup, I don't even what it is, it's like a mixture of chai po, ebi, dried fish, etc but all I can say : It tasted fantastic! Definetely the best radish cake I ever had!
But wait until this came out from the kitchen, the fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce. Now that is the best radish cake I ever had! It's crisp on the outside but not overly mushy inside. I can eat 3 plate of this, seriously so good! I droll when I wrote this :D~
Finished it up with Fried Durian Dumplings and Egg Tarts. Those durian dumplings also fantastic!
I think I'm gonna called it meal, but wait...this is what Miss F aimed for, Coconut Pudding, 37K. I know Coconut Pudding is one of the luxurious dessert item, but I never tried that since I know pudding was good, coconut was good, but what's the special about it? I am wrong. Coconut Pudding was very different than what I thought, especially this one. It's not overly sweet with very rich taste ( I think they used coconut milk), I can't describe it. I went to food coma. Some said Maystar version was the best coconut pudding in town, maybe I should try it one day...
Finished it up with Pu Er Tea, 8K.

Service was poor, the place wasn't too crowd but all of the waitresses weren't very attentive, some of our orders even never arrived on our table. If only their dimsum wasn't that good.... T^T

Ce Wei BBQ Restaurant 
Pluit Village, G Fl Unit 60 - 61 & 77
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Jakarta
Phone: (021) 6667-0317

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