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Friday, September 21, 2012

.Snacking : 20120901.

Just a quick update on my snacking list...Actually most of what I eat were given from friends or family..I am blessed by all this good people ;)
Another stroopwafel my sister brought from Holland.............. 
 And this loveable biscuit..the chocolate was very nice and smooth!
Mom's friend bought me this taro cracker from Taiwan. It was filled with taro paste and few leaves of coriander. Yep you read it right. coriander, weird right? But they went quite well together though hehe..
Another snack from her, Honey Pastry Pie. SUPER DUPER FREAKING DELICIOUS! Darn I wish it was sold here, it's a square pastry and topped with honey, the top layer was very very goooddd..

Thai Coconut Roll I got from my recent trip to Thailand..very fragrant..yum!
Also bought myself a pack of glorious pork chips ;)
I love the newest oatmeal cookie from Quacker Oats, especially this one :D
Few weeks ago we had a small marshmallow party at office ;) DIY!
mochi is one of my weakness...
Palmier from Holland Bakery..I never know they baked this pastry. Good as expected.
Cute eh? This one is a souvenir from my cousin's wed.
Which btw, a very cool wedding party with Snow White theme. Look at that giant apple prop!
And great dessert courtesy of Hotel Mulia ;)
And I've been eating a lot of takoyaki lately...this one is from Tokio Kitchen, Central Park. It wasn't too good but the place made up for it.
A friend of mine recently being addicted with froyo again..speak of the devil, I managed to visit my old friends lately, we even had a sleep over, oh how I miss them...
And what's better to do on a sleep over than filling your stomach with carb fiesta ;) Our host prepared one of the glorious pork sausage I ever had, paired with chips, fruits, and booze of course, it's one of memorable nights in my life :)

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