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Saturday, September 01, 2012

.Sweet Poetry.

So, this saturday went a bit slow, I just finished my fitting session (for a friend's wedding, not mine) and it was a hot day! I was craving for some sweet and cold dessert and I remembered I read some reviews about this place. Located not so far from the famous Eaton at Muara Karang, the place was quite small but the interior looks clean with red and white combination.
The menu was hard to read for me :( so basically the step is :
1. Choose your base. There's 7 base selections. The only unique thing I see is Q Ball, basically it's like biji salak made from taro / sweet potato. Intriguing!
2. Choose your topping set. There's 6 set selections, I think this is the hardest part since most of them was my favorite item haha!
   Choose your own topping. There's 12 topping selections. Another hard decision for me.

For a lazy customer (like me), you can try to pick one of their 10 Best Sellers. I chose no 1, Q Ball + Ice Cream + Mochi + Pearl, 24K. And extra Sweet Potato, 3K since I alwayssss a fan of sweet potato in any form ;)
 It was super super duper goodddd! :D I don't want to be brag but I think it's one of the best dessert in Jakarta! All of the components were very good, the pearl was good, the q ball was also loveable, and the mochi...yumm very fragrant and good..And don't let me start on the sweet potato :) And paired with Ogura ice cream (you can select between mango, green tea, ogura and vanilla) and taro, it's a perfect combination!
As for Mr Chubby's Tofu Pudding 15K, the ginger was okay, and the addition of peanut was also good, but the tofu wasn't as smooth as what we got on street vendors. We also ordered Oolong Tea 12K which also quite good :)

Definitely will be back for that crazy mochi ! :D

Sweet Poetry
Jl. Pluit Karang Timur Blk o8 No. 72
Jakarta, Indonesia 14450
Ph. (021) 6611213

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