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Sunday, October 07, 2012

.Aperitivo Ristorante e Lounge.

It was a stormy afternoon. Initially I wanted to go home, but the storm was hitting Jakarta. The rain and wind were so big that we couldn't even see the road, so I asked Mr Chubby to Aperitivo, as I remembered we haven't use our voucher there. I'm sorry I lost the bill so I don't quite remember some of the dishes name and price.

The restaurant was nearly empty when we arrived, and we were seated on non-smoking area, which is only separated with small cupboard with smoking area. The ambience was calming with audiophile music on the speaker but the big projector with MTV on but no sound was a bit weird for me.
After ordering, a basket of warm bread was given to us, along side with a cheese (or pumpkin?) sauce. The sauce was weird, it's slightly sweet and slightly salty, the rest was bland. I prefer my ordinary olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Since we were quite soaked at that time (no basement parking :( hiks.. ) I ordered hot Earl Grey Tea (20K-ish). It was perfect for a rainy afternoon..
 As Mr Chubby ordered the Peach Ice Tea (also 20K-ish). I love they put many chopped peach in it! :)
For starters, we ordered the Mushroom Soup. It was perfect, it's rich and the addition of croutons even make it better.
I ordered the Ravioloni di zucca e granchio, it's pumpkin ravioli with crab meat filling and served with tomato sauce. The ravioli skin was too thick as for the crab meat, it wasn't fresh and too sweet. And the sauce was too sour, so each of the component wasn't balance and attacking each other. We struggled to finish this :(
I forgot this dish name, I remembered I ordered something with Arugula, Olive and Parma Ham. But seeing the picture now, where's the arugula? But anyway, it was super good! I love the dough, it's crispy but chewy enough and the parma ham was amazing. It's moist and not too savory like bacon, so the sweetness of the jam (the black thing on the center) was spot on. The addition of olive was also my favorite part of it. We can't finish it all, so half of it was taken home. This morning, I heat it again on the microwave, and it's still super good. 

Definitely one of the good pizzas I ate lately ;)
For dessert, we had Caramel Flan. We were in the middle of a good talk so I don't put any attention, until I saw this picture. This is a disappointment. I remembered on the menu it was consisted of lychee, but I couldn't find it. Instead we got a not-so-smooth caramel pudding with chopped pineapple and strawberry and topped with fresh basil. It was so-so for me.

Aperitivo Ristorante e Lounge
Telkomsel Buiding, Atrium Mulia GF
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 10-11
Kuningan, South Jakarta
Ph. (021) 52892304

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