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Sunday, October 07, 2012


It was a gloomy friday and I wanted some dessert for that night. This place is always crowded every time I was passing by, I can't even put reservation for 18.30 that afternoon on friday morning! Had to move it to 19.00 but it's okay for us since we were planned to had dinner somewhere else.

When we arrived the restaurant was quite full, with more expatriates customer rather than locals. Nice place for cuci mata ;P Well anyway since we already had dinner (and we planned to had our booze and dessert session part 2 later) ;p we only ordered a main course and few side dishes to share.
 Miss F ordered Cammomile Tea, 25K. I love the presentation with a glass full of brown and white sugar :)
I ordered my usual Peach Ice Tea, 25K and Mr Chubby ordered Apple Juice,25K. The apple juice tasted not like fresh juice, even though we asked for a fresh one. I'm pretty sure it was canned one.
Mr Chubby ordered Escargot, 40K for share. Half-dozen of escargot baked with garlic and olive oil, what not to love? ;)
Miss I ordered this Mac and Cheese, 80K. It said on the menu "Mac and Cheese - with gruyére, smoked beef & truffle oil". I don't know which ingredient whom made it tasted a bit weird, it left bitterness and gasoline-like taste on my tongue. I only touch it once.
 And me ordered this French Fries, 20K because who doesn't order it on friday night? :)
Me and Miss I shared this Loewy High Tea (Absolut Vodka, Martini Bianco, Fresh Corriander, Basil, and Lychees) , 80K. The basil was overpowering, I couldn't taste any lychee nor coriander. Well anyway vodka is my favorite liquor so it's still a winner for me ;)

finally, the ultimate Mille Feuille, 40K. You can choose the filling between Chocolate, Hazelnut, or Vanilla, we went for Hazelnut this time. I super love this dessert! It was crispy and the cream was oh-so-good, paired with the milky sauce and ice cream...HEAVEN! Eventhough you're not a sweet tooth, I think you will still enjoy this, it's worth every calories in every scoop ;)

Ended the night with some bailey's and moon cake, along with a good conversation, now that's what I call a friday night ;)

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