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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

.Carnivor (The Meat Company).

Sunday afternoon. It's not my favorite time to go out, I'd rather be on my bed, watching some tv series, munching some chips and enjoying the last moment of freedom before the new week appears. Basically, that's what I do every weekend :P

But that day, after few weeks full of weddings schedule, I felt exhausted and wanted to redeem myself with my favorite date : a movie and finished with a nice restaurant. Mind you, we rarely do that.

I was in the mood for some steak (another rare thing I would do), and I remembered I heard about this place from Ivy, so there we went. It was quite hard to find the place since it's located on the new real estate area, Sunter Icon. The place itself was spacious, with high ceilings and big window on almost every side of it, which brings sunshine to your table, such a perfect environment to shoot a picture :)
As for me, I chose the Virgin Mojito,28K for my love of mint + lime combination. It was lovely, just the way mojito should be.
Mr Chubby ordered Iced Lemon Tea, 10K. It was refreshing :)
I was in major hungry so I ordered the Mushroom Soup, 18K. It was a big portion, almost twice the usual serving I got on any restaurant! And it surely tasted good and rich, yummeh!
Mr Chubby ordered the Spicy Pork Belly Pasta,30K because who couldn't? It had me on pork belly and pasta ;) It was quite good, the flavor was there, but for me the sauce would be perfect if paired with seafood rather than protein like pork, or chicken. Still for that kind of price, it's a good deal :)
As for me, I was supposed to order the steak, but the Peri-Peri Sauce on poultry section had my name. I ordered the Rosemary Chicken,60 K. You can choose the side dish (Potato Jacket, Mashed Potato, Mushroom with Garlic, Butter Rice, or French Fries) and the sauce (Spicy BBQ, BBQ, Black Pepper, or Peri-Peri Sauce). I opted for potato jacket with, of course peri-peri sauce.

When it came from the kitchen, I was shocked with the portion. It's half medium-sized broiler chicken cut, served with a big potato jacket, alongside some salad. I was hoping for a good replication of the famous Nando's peri-peri sauce, but no, this one ain't like nando's. It super spicy, it's like sambal rujak with vinegar, the level of spiciness was alike with sambal dadak (sundanese chili) which made your tongue burning and went numb. Despite the killer sauce, the meat itself was quite good, with the crispy skin, but slightly dry on the inside.

I was hoping for some banana crepes, too bad it wasn't available yet. There's only Bread Pudding and Chocolate Molten Cake available for dessert at that time hiks. Overall, I think it's quite a lovely experience, I should be coming back again ;)

Sunter Icon Food Point
Jl. Griya Sejahtera, Sunter Agung Jakut 14350
Ph. (021) 29376276/ 29376274


irene said...

love the pics!
emang ya, paling seneng kalo ada natural light gitu di restaurant :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

@irene : thanks..yoih! nga perlu take berulang2 :P

Ivy said...

Tempatnya bagus yahh... Trus makanannya worth the price bgt.

SeorangPrempuan said...

@ivy : tempatnya fancy ditengah2 kegersangan proyek apartement baru wkwkwk