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Sunday, October 07, 2012


It was mid-week and after a long day at work, we were quite hungry. Mr Chubby asked us try this restaurant. Located on the Kelapa Gading boulevard area, I frequently passed this restaurant but I never put any attention on it. Maybe because of the signage a bit messy for me ;)
 The interior was screaming 'quirky' for me. The wall was filled with many cows statue from all over the world, the star-shaped lamp, the 2 big LCD screens showing Phil Collins (or Yanni) concert in HD, and the addition of chinese song from level 2, all of them was a strange environment for me, but I found it cute in a way ;)
Upon arrival, we were given menu and a bowl of popcorn, or asinan if you like (another quirky thing). I love how they put attention on small thing like this (they even had reservation system on their website), and the customized bell on each table was showing us a good service. And it was a good service. During our time there, new customer always showing up, no wonder.

The menu was big, they served so many dishes from asia (thailand, indonesian, japanese) and western dishes as well.
 I was in the mood for chicken so I ordered the Grilled BBQ Chicken, 39K. It was very good! The chicken was crispy and perfectly coated with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, while the meat was still moist and succulent. The rest of the dishes were also good, the vegetables were perfectly blanched to it still maintained the sweetness and crispness. The potato came in 2 versions, fries and chips. Both of them were excellent! The corn also good, it's lightly-grilled and sweet :)
As for Mr Chubby, he ordered Pad Thai, 39K. Again, a generous portion and tasted good of course. My only comment was the sugar and lime component were missing from this dish and the beansprout might be needed blanched a bit.
For dessert we had the Chocolate Sundae, 24K. 3 scoops of rich chocolate ice cream (they use Diamond brand), topped with Coco Crunch and crushed peanut and chocolate sauce...yummmehhh ;)

Definitely will be back! :D

Merica Asian Food Restaurant
Jl. Boulevard Raya
Blok TT2 N0.7-8 Kelapa Gading
Ph. (021) 45858433

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