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Sunday, December 30, 2012

.JCF 2012.

Okay, it's a super late post, this event even took place 2 months ago, and here's me, totally forgetting almost everything happen in the event..so bear with me okay? ;)

I was lucky enough to win the grand opening invitation, but unlucky enough that by the time we arrived, we're already famished :( The invitation worth 2 tickets for entering the festival and a goodie bag consisting of several items (ritters chocolate, cafe bozz coffee, milk etc) yay! I don't quite remembered what happen in that night so sorry for not-so-detailed post, enjoy the pictures!
I've been to poste before, it's close to my office and the food was okay for me. I remembered this stand  offering free pannacotta sample, it's not too sweet and the gulali was delightful, although the texture was more like custard rather than pannacotta.
Had this watermelon something drink from the same stall. Not so much for 35K price I paid since most of it were ice.
We also had some wine tasting , totally forgot about the wine -__-
 D'journals stand with cool coffee!

the ticket also included with free samples from D'journal :) You can choose between coffee or chocolate :)
I wonder why I don't get myself a bottle of this that night..
We also sampled Zahra Turkish Ice Cream. I remembered I've seen this kind of ice cream at Singapore, but I never tried it. It's quite different with normal ice cream, since they also used gelatin in it. The result is normal ice cream but with sticky texture. The man selling it was very good at tricking us, he would put the ice cream on the cone, but he would take it out again. And don't forget flirting is one of marketing tactics right? ;)
To be honest, it wasn't my kind of ice cream. But the playful man make it up for me ;)

Now that was a huge meat! This one is from Amuz, they also gave free sampler which I forgot what -__-

We were super famished afterwards, so we ended the night with some curly fries and Mr Park set! yay!

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