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Sunday, December 02, 2012


Holla! How are you guys? I just realized I haven't post anything in a month or so :( There's so much pending post I have to write, but work got the best out of me, sorry... 

Well, I'll stop blabbering, let's talk about food! :D Few weeks ago on a long weekend, I asked (read : dragged and maybe involving some-puppy-eyes for more convinced request) Mr Chubby to Kemang, one of the rarest place in Jakarta I ever visited. It was such a lovely day, it wasn't too sunny, and the traffic wasn't killing us (at least on the mid-day, it wasn't....wait for the afternoon). We went to Kemang Village first for a gym session (one of his pre-requisites if we are eating out :( ) , and catch a movie (cartoon which is my favorite :p), and snacking bonchon chiken in between, such a lovely day. After the sun down, we hunt for dinner, and I remembered about this place, aTavola.

The place itself wasn't too big, I think it can only managed 7-10 tables. It was such a serene afternoon, it's only filled with few patrons, the waitress was attentive, and the relaxing music on the back really putting us in a good mood :)
The menu was big, there's too many choice I would love to try, but I think I settled down with some light dishes. I was in the mood for Parma Ham, but I would love to try some cheese, so I ordered their favorite, Dolce Vita, 70K. The cheese was Grana Padano, it's quite hard, slightly savory, and quite melted in your mouth. It came with a basket of warm breads, tomato, pesto, and my favorite combination, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The pesto sauce was delicious, we finished the sauce until it clean ;) The ham itself was a bit too savory for my liking, thank God the tomato was giving some tartness to cut all the savory taste :) I think their platter was such a great deal, it's only around 65-150K. Next time I would love to order the ham platter with some melon, laters baby..
The second dish to arrive was my Mushroom Soup, 18K. Again, the portion was leaving me speechless. It was good as expected, and the melted cheese also made this dish a parade in your mouth :)
I also ordering Garlic Bread for dipping. Again, for 15K it was a good deal!
Mr Chubby wanted a more worth-calories dish, so he ordered Beef Lasagna, 55K. It was generous, but a bit bland for me, I have to put some S & P to make it works.

We were too full for dessert or wine, too bad...It was such a good experience, can't wait to visit them next time! :D

Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 125
Ph. (021) 71793580

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