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Sunday, December 02, 2012

.Kepiting Cak Gundul.

So, how's your weekend everyone? :) Mine went very well! Had a BIG dinner at Cak Gundul last night :P 

It was my first visit ever on this stall, to my surprise, the menu wasn't so big, so it easy to choose your order. They focused in serving crabs in variant size (there's about 6 or 7 size). All of the crab in the pictures was Super Jumbo size (Male, 1 ons = 19K), it's #2 from the list. The biggest one was King Crab, I forgot how much it cost, and it was SUPER HUGE. whew...! Beside the crab, there's also fish (only 2 types), squid, prawn, and cockle (only 1 type).
Behold, this is only 1 crab. There's only several options for the cooking method and sauce, I only remembered Curry, Sweet and Sour, Butter and Steamed with Herbs. The sauce was reminded of the tomato sauce in Sardines' can. It's too sweet for me, maybe because I usually had spicier sauce for seafood, or no sauce at all. None the less, the crab itself was delicious, it's plump, juicy and it's beautiful.

We also ordered Grilled Gurame. This one about 0.52 kilos, and cost ust 49.5K. It was sweet and fresh :)
Btw, love to see they give free-flow Ice Tea, and Sayur Asam (Indonesian Tamarind Sauce) :)
And finally, the star has arrived on the table! Super Jumbo crab with Curry Sauce. It needs minimum 2 crabs if you want to order it, wonder why. It was delicious, a tad too sweet, but it surely delicious. Look at that crab legs! 

Overall, it cost us for 3 crabs (2.7 kilos = 513K) , one fish, 2 cockles, 1 vegetable, 5 rice and few drinks, 644K. I think it's a good deal judging by the amount of food we ate :P If you happen to love crab, I think it's a good alternative!

Kepiting Cak Gundul
Jl. Raya Boulevard QJ 1 No. 31
Kelapa Gading Jakut
Ph. (021) 4535570

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