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Sunday, December 02, 2012

.Snacking : 20121202.

Another act of randomness...enjoy! :)
 Recently I've been attracted to Tous Le Jours. This new bakery set my bar high because of their pastry quality. I especially love their croissant and this, raisin brioche...It's studded with many raisins (inside), and buttery. It easily became my favorite snack!
 Tan tart I bought from a stall at Mangga Dua, so -so lah..
My sister bought me a box of  Juhi! yay!!
Anyway, my friend gave me a box of this Kinder from Korea. It was very good, I wish it was available in Indonesia..

Roti from some stall at Pluit Junction's Food Court. I love pastry with condensed milk!
I've been hooked with Ubi Madu lately. It's my favorite choice for carbo + sweet snack in the afternoon :)
Speaking of sweet snacks, last month was Moon Cake festival! Did u eat moon cake? I didn't ate too much this year because last year experience was keeping me reminded for additional 2 kilos I gained...
Another snack from my sister, Banana Chips with Honey. yum!
Few weeks ago, I redeem some voucher from Shitako. Ended with 3 box of Takoyaki for me and Mr Chubby. Whew... sadly the takoyaki wasn't live up my expectation, it was too doughy and lack of sauce.. :(
Btw, have you got your mango doze for this year mango season? :D I managed to eat mango almost everyday... and ended with a sore throat hehe..
It's one of memorable orange juice I ever had. It's 100% juice and no sugar added. It's sweet and refreshing especially on one hot day like that day. Okay I'm blabbering now, but do u have any memorable thing for a simple drink/dish like this? do share! :)
 Another current favorite, Famous Amos cookies with Strawberry milk tea ;)
Anyway, my friend just opened this online cookies store. It focused on sugar cookies with many shapes and cute creatures, perfect for children's birthday or wedding souvenir :) She even made 9gag meme cookies hehe.. visit this link for further information!

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