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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

.Seminyak, Bali, 2013.

So, I'm officially Mrs Chubby for 3 months now  ;)
Thank you for all of our friends and colleagues who had been with us through all these years and supporting us till this time, without you guys we won't be together :)

Well anyway, for our honeymoon, I choose the mainstream one, Bali hehe.. It's one of the trip when we super unprepared, meaning we don't have any itenary or purpose. Well I have one actually, to relax and eat as much as I can :P 
We choose to stay at Seminyak first, and then headed to Ubud. We stayed at Villa Kayu Raja, it's a modern villa with traditional touch. I loveeee the villa, it's not so far from the crowd (approx. 10 minutes driving to Seminyak Square) but secluded enough so you got your privacy. I got 2-nights deal from coupon site (LivingSocial I guess) for only 2,6 million! yay ;)
The first floor are the living room, with small kitchen complete with stove, refrigerator, and of course..
the pool! yayyy :D

I love the private pool! it's bigger than I thought :) They also provide wifi (which fast! yay to free wifi!), iron board (super important for me because I hate when wrinkled dress), Shuttle Bus (every 3 hours, not bad), and the staffs are very nice :)
On the second level, it's our bedroom :) check out the bathroom, it's super cool! It has whirlpool bath tub (can we install this at home my hubby? :P) , separate wash basins (always love these!), and 2 types of shower (can we install this one at least, please?). I especially love the whirlpool, because the lamp color changed every 5 seconds and of course, the hot bubbly water, what not to love? ;)
Our villa itself is located on almost the end of the alley, but I think it's okay since the breakfast is buffet style and I don't mind waste some calories on my walk towards the restaurant (as long as ham and bacon involved on the menu of course!)
We also visited the Petitenget beach, it was lovely :)
 Of course, Ice Cream is mandatory on this sunny island!
On our first day, during our walk that noon, we found this humble warung, named Warung Eny. I just trust my guts, and thank God it didn't go wrong. My visit was very memorable, My Chubby even so impressed that he will went to this place again before going back to Jakarta (although we couldn't make it hiks). We ordered their Nasi Campur Bali (I think it's 40K ish), it was one of the best nasi campur I had in Bali!
But the star of the evening is the Grilled Red Snapper (150K), super moist and flaky, and the garlic sauce made it even better! Foodgasm alert!
Later that night, we found this Patty burger near our hotel. We ordered the Gourmet Burger 55K (beef steak with red wine aioli and caramelized onion) and ........I forgot the name of the other one (the one with egg). The meat was a bit though but the aioli and onion made up for it, and the portion was super big (I couldnt finish it!) so sharing is caring :)
We also made a visit to titiles, and found this cute bambi! :)

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