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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

.Warung Little India, Ubud.

One of my memorable experience in Ubud :) I found myself craving for some Indian food that day, so after some googling we heard about this place. It's a bit far from the main street, but thank God our driver could find it. We have to walk back to our hotel but I think we need it after our feast that night hehe..
The restaurant wasn't big nor fancy but comfy enough for 8-15 people. They put some ornament on the roof, I found myself love this quirky decoration :) 
Mr Chubby ordered this plate, I forgot the name, sorry :( I think it's around 40K. It consisted of chicken curry, samosa, naan, dal, sour cream & tamarind sauce, pickles and another sauce I forgot. It's good! especially the samosa, it was freshly fried and the vegetables and herb really mixed well, yum! No wonder it's their best seller !
I wasn't too hungry that night, so I only ordered the appetizer sample, 30K. My gosh for that price, you got naan, eggplant dip, hummus, and 2 sauces. The eggplant dip was tasty but the hummus...man that changed my world! It was freshly prepared so it was still warm and they put garlic and lemon juice in it.. so what's not to love? Seriously having a foodgasm after this plate. And we ordered it again. Haha! Completely bloated after that but it's worth it!
Ended the night with this lovely chai granita..yum yum!

There's only one person in charge for taking our order, serving our food, getting our bill, cleaned the table, etc, so it was like a Diner Dash game. But even with the hectic situation, he still smile and do his best of taking care of the customers. He told us he also had an office job back then in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, near our office. But he left the job and start staying at Bali. When I ask him, would you come back to Jakarta for bigger money and job? He said naah. He doesn't like that life. 

Seeing a person left all the hedonist life on the big city, and devoted his life on this island, chasing his dreams, make the best out of his life, makes me wonder can I do the same? It's a big question. 

Warung Little India
Jl Sukma, 36 
Tebesaya, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


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