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Saturday, June 20, 2009

.Current Thoughts.

My throat is killing me.

My nose is kinda bleeding right now, aside from meler a whole day.

My body is sick.

-__- Sometimes i wish i am in a constantly-healthy-condition. And dont say i dont put any effort to make it happen, i do sports, i do eat healthy food, i do clean my mind from bad thoughts, i just... sick a lot? :|

Another rant, lately i've been swimming a lot. A. lot. means 3-4 times for a week. Well for a lazy bad-ass person like i am, i would say it's kinda amazing :P and also i granted my self for a little treat, i bought a speedo glasses! :P and a new swimsuit of course.

Talking about my current brought items, Jakarta has been totally tempting myself a lot for this month. During Jakarta's birthday, most of the store are giving discount. A really big one. GOSH! I almost kalap seeing that red sign everywhere in mall : SALE.

Well, at least since my gym schedule is my number #1 top priority right now,so i dont shop a lot. hmmm not as much as i used to be in this kinda of time, i think :P haha!

Anyway, my new job is only 1 month ahead. I never been packed for leaving, and left an empty space for someone's next, so it's kinda awkward to do this kinda of thing. sometimes i felt, did i choose the right thing? sometimes i felt, well it's the right thing to do. being randomly up-and-down about one thing, is not the best thing in this world.

Ah what am i gonna say, the words have spoken, and i had my choice. Let's get it done.

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