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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last Saturday, me and my division having a small gathering at Sarangche, Serpong. As it was really far from my home, I have only being here one time. That one time impressed me so much that I chose to held the gathering there.Upon arrival, we were seated in private area and served with cold Korean tea. I love the homy feeling from this restaurant since the first visit.We were given various of Banchan. I did not take many pictures hence too busy competing for glorious meal :P The Salad was really good and refreshing.
My friend's favorite, the Vegetable Pancake. Actually, there's 2 types of them, the big one like in the picture and the mini one (tasted more savory) but I forgot to take the picture hehe...
This one was my favorite, I did not know what kind of sauce on top of the Cockle. I never kind ate this kind of Cockle neither. The Cockle has hair on the shell. Cute!
I forgot to taste the salted fish..magically disappeared.

The Mochi with Black Glutinous Rice filling was everyone's favorite, but too bad they were out of them in no time :(
And what's Banchan without Kimchi?

And guess what, all of them for free! One of the reason why I love Korean cuisine :) I miss the steamed egg and grilled mackerel.........

And thank God, someone ordered this! Grilled Mackerel, it's a bit fishy but the flesh was firm and sweet :)

Btw, did I mention the cutlery was also really cute?

I always adore their spoon and chopsticks!

Back to the food, we ordered The Spicy Squid in hotplate.
It was really spicy, but it was so tasty that you couldn't even stop eating. Went to food coma after mixing the sauce with rice!
The Jabchae basically was stirred noodle with vegetable. But it's not ordinary noodle, the texture more like so'un, but it's more chewy and thicker, and tasted like jellyfish. It had me at first bite :)
The Bulgogi tasted good also..
And of course, we had to ordered grilled stuff, pork especially. We ordered lots of pork.
Preparing the meat.
Ready to eat!
Another picture of meat won't hurt right?
You could choose to dip your chopsticks in this oil. Or maybe you just dip the meat in it, like I did shamelessly.
Or pour some spicy sauce on top of it...
Or if you're into wrapping thing, placed a leave on your plate. Put the meat and few garlic, and spicy sauce, wrap it, and munch it in one bite! DELICIOUS!
Oh well, we also ordered Spicy Octopus. I am not Octopus fans, I have to pass it this time.

We also had Spicy Pork and Black Pepper Beef. As you can see from the picture, the competition was heated at that time :P Btw the Black Pepper beef looked plain, but it taste will kick your taste bud!

If I count the Banchan plate versus the previous visit, they served fewer this time. But I think it's because we came as a group of 16. I think 5-6 people would be the ideal number. I previously came with a group of 5, and we even have to say stop for the Banchan flow. Our table was stuffed with the Banchan, and even not one of our main order have arrived yet. About the price, do come in a group, because the portion was big and meant to be shared among others. And always asked for first floor. The second floor was private area, and the wooden wall was high so it's kinda hard for asking anything.

Btw, another picture of glorious meat! :D

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