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Friday, August 31, 2012

.Ikkudo Ichi : Revisited.

So, last week I just visited the famous Ikkudo Ichi for the second time. I know, I know we can't compare with the other ramen, but I can't diferentiate them since they have quite a similar taste.
This time Mr Chubby ordered the Curry Ramen. It tasted good for me, although it's a bit messy. 3 of us ordered the same curry ramen, but each of us got different looking bowl in front of us. Presentation is one of their weak points I think. 

My friend who's a curry ramen lover said that he prefer the other one, since Ikkudo's version was more like curry with noodles, so the ramen nametag is somewhat nothing for the dish.
We also ordered their Pork Gyoza, which I think is as good as the other one's version. It's juicy and the pork just melt in your mouth :)
This one is my Buta (Pork) Ramen. No, I haven't touch the noodle yet. As you can see, it's a bit gross to see your food plated like this. Consistency is also what they need to work it out. The broth was fewer than my previous visit, and it's totally a messy bowl. We ordered 3 bowl of this, and I ask mine for more noodle firmness and more flavor strength. When it came, the server said ALL of them has more noodle firmness, and she didn't know about the flavor strength. Come on, what's the point of customization when all you get is generalization? I don't want to be a bitch but please don't try to give customer any promises you can't fulfill.

To be honest, with all that crazy queue and unwelcome service , I don't think I ever come back, at least until the queue gone fewer. Sorry Ikkudo.

Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No.2-3 Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. (021) 96628677
Opening hours: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm.

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 168M
Puri Indah
Ph. (021) 58302121

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