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Friday, August 31, 2012

.Mr Tea Inc.

A friend of mine (let's just call him Mr Tea) recently just opened this place at PIK, and he invited me to come. The brand is a franchise from Taiwan, and they are focusing on Bubble Tea and Fruity Tea.

 I love the 3D glass on the banner! :D
The interior is quite different from the other bubble tea stall on the mall, where usually just a quick buy-and-go bench and chairs. I especially love the lamp with all that wires wrapped around it :) But I came here for the drinks...so here we go.

The menu was a bit hard to read with too many combination, but basically there are Milk Tea (Ordinary, Extra Milk, Less Milk), Fruity Tea (Peach, Lychee, Mulberry, etc), and the Special Tea (Peanut, Magic, etc). They also provided customization on your ice and sugar level. They only provide 50% and 100% sugar level, but if you're not a non-sugary-drinks lover (like me), the 50% is still acceptable, it wasn't too sweet, at least for me hehe..The toppings were various, from the bubble to the classic red bean. I found a new topping here, maple jelly :D
I ordered their signature Pearl Milk Tea and Peach Green Tea. I forgot the price, I think it's around 20-22K. The milk tea was okay for me, but the green tea was my favorite! :D What really differs them from the other brand might be their fruity tea. It wasn't to syrup-y and it has chopped fresh fruits inside it, and quite a generous amount I must say :) All of their fruity tea have real fruits in it (except for Lychee, Mr Tea also didn't know why). The fruit tea has the right balance between the green tea and the fruit, plus it has foamy texture on top of it, hehe..
Mr Tea ordered this for us, Kumquat Fruit Tea with Coconut Jelly and Peanut Milk Tea. Love the kumquat (a bit syrup-y though), but Peanut Milk Tea has my attention. It has peanut in it, yes you didn't read it wrong. Real chopped peanut. It tasted rich, and a bit weird because of the texture, but if you're a fan of peanut, you should try this one :)

The next week after this visit, I went again with Mr Chubby. I ordered the peach green tea again, and Mr Chubby ordered the Mulberry Green Tea with Maple Jelly. The Mulberry green tea was very nice, sour and it has (very much) fresh mulberry in it! The maple jelly also good, the sweetness compliment the sourness of the berry :)

Overall I think it was a good alternative than my usual Chatime, especially for their fruity tea! They also had buy 1 get 1 promotion only on the Grand Opening (1 Sept 2012) so don't forget to come! :D

Mr Tea Inc
Rukan Cordoba Blok D No. 15
PIK, Jakarta 14470
Ph. (021) 99747626

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