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Sunday, August 05, 2012

.Ikkudo Ichi.

Just a quick post about this new and happening ramen restaurant in town, named Ikkudo Ichi. I already been warned about the queue, thank God it only need us 5 minutes to be seated ;) The man (or engkoh I would say) who took our order was really rushing us to pick our order as soon as we seen the ramen page. I don't know about you, but I usually finished read all the menu first, then start to picking my order, so it's kinda uncomfortable when someone waiting aside of us during the browsing-the-menu time.

Well, anyway I already know what I'm gonna order during the waiting time, so I ordered the Buta Kara Ramen (Pork Ramen with their red special sauce, claimed to be spicy), 39K. The special thing about this place is we can customize our ramen for 3 points : noodle , flavor strength, and the richness of the soup. Guess the level-customization from Taiwan Bubble Tea also happened here. I choose normal for all, just to know their ramen' normal taste.
I already heard about their broth similarity with the famous Hakata Ikkousha, and I would say it's very similar at first but I found the richness in the broth wasn't as complex as Hakata. Maybe next time I should order for higher level of richness (and start forgetting about my cholesterol level) ;) The rest of the ramen was good (of course), the only minus point might be the cutting of chasiu was very thin. But for me, with or without chasiu it doesn't make any difference though since the broth already so pork-y ;P
Their chili also looked very similar with Hakata's, I think Ikkudo's chili was very fragrant and kinda remembering me with Hj Slamet's sambal korek ;P
Mr Chubby as my partner in crime of course has to order something different. This time he went for Pork Tsukemen (I forgot the price, I think it's around 45K). It's basically a deconstructed ramen with a different type of noodle for me hehe.. Behold, the look of noodle's amount might be deceiving, but relax it's really only half of the bowl, they put some separator on the middle of the bowl. It also came with 2 bowls of broth. The bigger one is very savory (and pork-y) so if you think it's too rich you can add the second bowl onto it. The second bowl although looked very milky, it tasted like chicken stock. 

I think their Tsukemen's broth was much better than their Buta's ramen. It might be too rich for some people but the miso taste was very subtle, I enjoyed this more.
And since it was already a sinful meal, why don't we add more? I forgot to order their Gyoza, becase I was in the mood for deep-frying food! woohoo! so Chicken Karaage, 28K to share between us! :D It was crispy, and not oily at all. I would prefer eat it with chili sauce though rather than mayo (how Indonesian I am...)

Didn't have the stomach capacity for the dessert although the mochi looked good..
Btw, I would suggest you to take the table outside than inside. It was really hectic and buzzing inside the restaurant, especially when new order comes, the speaker volume they used to inform the kitchen, whew...

Overall, I should be back! Especially after I heard the Gyoza was fantastic ;P

Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No.2-3 Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph. (021) 96628677
Opening hours: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10pm.

Jl. Pesanggrahan Raya No. 168M
Puri Indah
Ph. (021) 58302121

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