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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

.Hummingbird Eatery.

Hello! Quick post again from my few weeks ago visit to Hummingbird Eatery's new branch at Kuningan City. Sorry for the photo quality, I'm only using my phone cam :P
The place was quite big with cute interior..There's even private area using a bird cage..
 I ordered this Passionate Peach 32.5K during waiting for some of my friends to arrive...It's basically a mixture between soda water, peach syrup and some fresh peach pieces..The glass was big and meant to be shared between 2 persons.
 Miss C ordered this Lychee Juice, 19.5K. And I envy her. It was very good! I wasn't a fan of lychee but the lychee flavor was real this time, it wasn't syrup-y at all.
Rosella Lychee 22.5K and Pinky Berry 32.5K also a good choice..
Some of the menu weren't available yet :( so I opted for Lasagna 39.5K. I don't like their lasagna, it's too dry and the pasta was so mushy, the beef also tasted artificial for me :(
Miss F ordered this Honey Ribs 49.5K. I think it's a good choice since the ribs was good and not chewy at all, the portion also big and the accompanying chili was quite spicy ;) I think this was the best dish among the others.
Miss I ordered the Osso Bucco, 82.5K. I think the portion was also big but it's not so good in term of flavor. The sauce was watery and quite bland.
Mr Chubby ordered this Volcano Tuna, 39.5K and I would say it wasn't so bad but I don't think everyone could handle this because it's quite fishy.
There's some problem between our food order, so they were a bit slow in service term. But I think it's okay since they were just opened. The last one to arrived was my appetizer,Escargot 39.5K. The bread was good, garlic butter was okay but the escargot wasn't melt-in-your-mouth like I got on Madeleine. But for the price tag, I think it's acceptable ;)

Overall, I think the food here were average but I would love to try their pancake and crepes after they're available on menu! :D

Hummingbird Eatery
UG Floor Kuningan City Jakarta
Ph. (021) 30056370

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