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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

.Pizza e Birra.

So happy Eid Mubarak everyone! :D How's your holiday? Mine went quite well, I managed to visit some family and friends, and got a lot of rest of course ;) Few weeks ago, I went to Pizza e Birra with some of my childhood friends, I just realized I've known them for more than 20 years!
And what's better to cold a hot day than a glass of beer ;)
.... and finger foods! Got ourself a party bucket (20 pcs) of El Diablo, 79K. It was one of the best chicken wing in town! It's fried until deep-brown (which I loved), and poured with hot sauce..yumm..finger lickin' good!
I ordered the Love Supreme, (Large, 79K) for my love of garlic ;)
Texas BBQ Story (Large, 79K) was everyone's favorite, especially the sour cream which very smooth and nice pairing with the bbq chicken :)
It was a dilemma between the pesto penne with chicken or this sausage dish. But I went for the later since I never ordered this. Sausage Hangover, 79K was okay for me. If only it's pork sausage maybe it's easier to win my heart haha ;D
The Greek Style Calzone 59K was one of my favorite. It's filled with spinach and ricotta cheese and accompanied with a refreshing chimichurri sauce. I especially love the sauce :D
Dessert was a bit late to arrived, I chose the Sweet Little Princess (Large, 55K) and love it. the pizza dough was different, it's firmer than the usual. The pizza went very well with the smooth vanilla ice cream, me want more ;P
So that's it for today folks! Happy Holiday! :D

Pizza e Birra
Central Park, Tribeca Park G Fl unit Pav 03
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28

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