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Sunday, August 05, 2012


Another post from my not-so-new visit to Umaku at Alam Sutera. All of their branch was very far away from my home, so when I heard from Mr Chubby that weekend we will going to Serpong, I know exactly what I want for lunch ;
The place was empty when we arrived, it wasn't too spacious but I love their minimalist interior. Love this sushi pictures! :)
As soon as we placed our order, the drinks come with the complimentary edamame.
Mr Chubby was intrigued by Volcano Roll, 35K. 4 pieces of sushi, it's bugger than your usual roll, filled with kani (crab stick) and unagi (eel water), and topped with salmon and cheese. It's really easy to eat, especially for a non sushi lover :)
I, on the other hand was eye-ing this Scallop Grill with Tobiko, 31K. It was a very generous portion indeed! Scallop is one of my favorite seafood, I love it in any form, especially when grilled with cheese ;)
We also ordered a plate of Nigiri Sushi Jyo, 54K. It was a really good bargain :) My favorite were scallop (of course), tuna, and to my surprise, mackerel. I never had fresh mackerel before, since usually it's fishy but this time it was very sweet and I love the firm texture :D
We also ordered Inari sushi, 8K. It was the biggest Inari i ever had! It was quite different than the usual where the rice was plain, in Umaku the rice was mixed with tobiko and vegetables :)
Closed the meal with a bowl of Ogura ice cream, 15K. It wasn't as sweet as the usual red bean on the market, which I loved.
We also given jelly as complimentary after we paying our bill. What a great meal! :D


2 weeks later , we also have to go to Serpong for some errands, so we went again there for lunch :)
Started with Spicy Salmon Roll, 27K. It was really spicy!
I was super hungry that time so I ordered Sake Sazuke, 26K. It's a comfort fish I would say, rice topped with (very generous) cooked salmon and poured with rich broth. Love the broth, hate the salmon, it was too dry for me. It was a very big dish, I struggled to finish this alone -__-
Mr Chubby was also in major hungry so he ordered Katsu Kare Raisu, 37K. Also come in a huge portion, I think the curry was okay :)
 We also ordered a plate of Sashimi Moriawase Jyo, 44K. All of them were fantastic except the salmon, it's a bit tasteless! I don't know why I never had a good piece of salmon in this place :( But anyway the mackerel of course was the winner again and followed by scallop...I was drooling by the time I write this post..I want this hiks.
Since they're just launched their kushiyaki menu,  I ordered the Tebasaki (Chicken Wing), 9K. It was a bit dry but since wing is my favorite part of chicken, it's okay for me ;)
Our waitress suggested this Kawa (Chicken Skin), 3K. It was fantastic, crispy and savory yum yum..
We also ordered Ika Ichiaboshi, 12K. It's squid marinated in sake and then grilled. For me it was a bit tasteless, and I can't taste any booze from it. But it wasn't chewy so I think it's okay :)
Ended the meal with a super creamy matcha ice cream, 20K. Worth every rupiahs!

Umaku Alam Sutera
Ruko ASTC (Alam Sutera Town Center) Blok 10E No 9
Alam Sutera BSD, Tangerang
Umaku Cibubur
Citi Walk Blok CW 1 No.26
Citra Grand Cibubur
Ph: (021) 84303732, 84303733

Umaku Tebet
Jl. Tebet Raya no.141, Jakarta Selatan
Ph. (021) 83709132

Umaku Duren Tiga
Jl. Duren Tiga Raya no.32, Jakarta Selatan
Ph. (021) 79170337

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