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Saturday, June 27, 2009

.27 June 2009.

Okay, this post is totally random.
Lately, this one has been my favourite breakfast on weekend. My sister likes her toast filled first by Nutella or Skippy and then toasted it. But me, I prefer the plain one. Toast with a tick of Anchor Butter, and served with Knott's Blueberry Jam. The salty Anchor Butter for the best taste. Yeah, this one is definitely a guilty pleasure for my BP.

One of my favourite month in a year is the one when Bakcang started appear in fresh market [it doesnt always the same month, coz i'm using Gregorian and Chinese events like this one using Lunar]. Well, unlike the Bakcang which is full of meat [and sin, of course :| ], another variety that i like is Kicang. Kicang is the sweet type of Bakcang, still made from sticky rice, and sometimes filled by red bean. It can be served in 2 ways, hot and cold. And it usually came with 2 compliments, Srikaya or Sugar. My favourite is Kicang with no filling, served hot [really hot , still fresh from the steaming device :p], and of course, with cold Srikaya, preferable Srikaya Medan, the fresh one especially :) Ah a true bliss :)
My sister made me a chocolate pudding few last weeks. And served with frozen strawberry. Not bad :)
Another thing that I like. Rujak :)

Well, that's it for now.

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