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Monday, June 01, 2009

.Another To-Do-List.

1. BELAJAR. especially IT things, i've been stacking some books in my room, without knowing any chance to read any of them :(
2. NABUNG. no doubt on this.
3. MASAK. okay this one is kinda difficult now, but i believe one day i can read this post again and laughing on my lack of cooking skill in my past. Amien on that!
4. GYM. harus lebih semangat!
5. SABAR. my patience has been running out these days, well maybe i dont scream like in hell each time there's problem, but i know that even for a little problem or a little unconvinient thing in my daily life, it can turn my temper go as fast like a F1 car. Although i'm not spilling it out at all. Point #5 could be the most hardest thing to do. I dont express my real emotion much, but since last new year , i put "express your emotion more" in my new year resolution, and i think i run a little to far with that.

ahhh too much things in my head right now. Actually i think the most important thing right now is i should really remember that everything's in God's hand.

okay now it's time to go home, and sleep -__-

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