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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.28 July 2009.

One of all the things i liked from being cinko [pisss, no offence hehehe] is this. Sarsi Soda cap Badak. I dont know the company history, all i know is this thing came from Siantar, it never had any advertisement in any media, it tasted like Root Beer with less soda, it's available only around North Jakarta, and definitely, a must try!

Anyhoo, lately I've been craving for cookies. Especially oatmeal / chocochip cookies. It's kinda funny, because since little actually I dont really like cookies. Maybe I eat nastar, but I say no to cookies. It started when few weeks ago when I watched old episode of Friends, Phoebe is apologizing to Monica by giving a plate of cookies [she claimed she made the best cookies in this world], and since then I've been craving for cookies. Especially the big one that almost as big as your face, with buttery taste inside...hmmm :)

Well, I dont know what's called as a great cookies, but so far I think the best one I ever had [not that I had really much, only a few :) ] is Choco Mania Cookies, it even beated Starbucks' Cookies or Good Time Cookies! It's local brand if I'm not mistaken. I like the firm texture, although it has no tempting fragrance. I think the most tempting cookies in my list is, Triple Magic from Bread Talk. It was consisted of Raisin, Cranberry, Orange Peal, Almond, Oatmeal, Brown Sugar and the last [and my favourite] is Cinnamon. I found myself buying this cookies at least one in 2 weeks [well, cookies is seriously not recommended on my diet :( ] The cinnamon smell is really really really divine.

My sister prefers Cookies from Starbucks, I personally dont think it really tasted. good. Yeah the texture was okay, the taste was okay, and the smell was okay too. Everything's okay, but okay is not tempted me [man, I'm gonna be a teacher with too high standard one day...] to eat more.

I havent got any chance to visit Famous Amos, maybe later. I forgot how their cookies tasted, hopefully it's still good :)

Anyway my weekend is kinda lost from track. The diet track, of course -__- Started the day with good breakfast, full of fiber and vitamin. And also a cup of Gui Lin Gao, I'm totally Lau A Ma heh? :P
Ended the day with lots of meat. Bah!

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