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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.Old Taste, Pluit Village.

So, i found this little stall on Mega Glodok, Pluit Village. They also sell cookies and classic Indonesian biscuits, with modern touch of course. For example, Green Tea nastar, etc [ I completely forgot].

Anyway, I only tried their Curry Puff, Tau Sa Pia, and Siew Pau. Hmmm personally i've tried the better Pia than Old Taste's Pia. But their Curry Puff was good, but I'm not a curry fans, so I cant finish my puff. The Siew Pau was stuffed with meat, hmmm that combination not really that good, cause the pastry tasted too salty. I'd rather the one I had on Cuisine Cuisine, the pastry was not too sweet or salty, with red meat filling which was tasted sweet, It was a really good combination :)

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