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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.Sushi Tengoku, Emporium Pluit Mall.

Few weeks ago, my sister is celebrating her birthday with family in Sushi Tengoku. We ordered lots of dish, I cant shoot all of them since my family is having the same mode with me, glutonny mode ON hehehe...

I remembered we ordered several sushi dish, and still the same with my last visit, it came after a long wait, and it's only so-so. The Volcano Maki [one of the best dish, they claimed] is not that good, I cant even finish it, It tasted kinda yuck, well it's because the topping is a really thick layer of sort-of-mayonnaise-sauce and tobiko. It does not taste good, really -__-

Aside from sushi dish, we also ordered other dish, such as Beef Katsu Curry, Kim Chi Cha Jang [Fried rice with Kim Chi] , Nabeyaki Udon, Tempura Furikake, Onigiri Salmon Shake, etc. The udon tasted like ... well it has no taste actually, I dont know why. Maybe because I'm having some flu that day. The rest was almost good [I said almost].

I found another dish that I like from this restaurant, Onigiri Salmon Shake. It's only a plain onigiri with sliced salmon grill filling, and wrapped with nori. It's type of food you want to eat when you're so bored with array of spiced foods for a whole week. It's simple and has a homy touch within the warm and rice fragrance from it. A very nice choice for a girl who's having flu that day.

I dont remember about how much our dinner costs, I think it's about 500K IDR or more. Well, personally I dont think it's really worth compared with the taste :(

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