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Sunday, July 08, 2012

.Madeleine Bistro.

Voucher time, yay! :D I bought a voucher (200K for 1 entree + 2 main courses + 2 desserts) but it seemed so hard to visit Kemang area on the weekend, not including the news that they only allowed 2-3 tables on the weekend for reservation using voucher. So, few weeks ago I took a day off (again :P) to pay a visit there.

The place was lovely! I was lucky I'm the only one customer at that time so I got to take the interior pictures easier :) Well, anyway it was said on the voucher that we were limited to choose the main course on the voucher, but when I ask the waiter, he said we can any of them , yay! :D
The warm complimentary bread came in a basket with some garlic butter. The butter was more-ish. butter, who wouldn't? ;) 
It was a hot day, so I went for Madeleine Breeze, 35K. It's basically a mojito, but with no rum (hiks *sob*)
Since any tea beverages wasn't ready yet, Mr Chubby went for Orange Juice, 30K.
Our entree was Escargots a la Madeleine, 4 pieces of buttery escargots (snails) with chopped mushroom (shaped like a patty under the greens) with some fresh greens and sundried tomato tamponade. The sauce did has tomato flavor, with a hint of very fragrant balsamic mixture. The escargot itself was very different than the usual I had (between chewy or rubbery), here's the escargot texture was more like a clam for me, but with richer taste.
Pineapple granita as palate cleanser.
My main dish was the Duck Confit. I think the original price was about  135K or 150K? Well anyway, I never had anything confitted before (is it the right term?), all I can say that the duck was moist, flavorful and it's a good dish. The duck was very big, I extremely feeling full afterwards T^T the salad was like a summer with bright colors and the bold taste of fennel was very nice paired with the orange. I was wondering if Hj Slamet using this kind of duck, it would be so awesome! haha!
Mr Chubby's main dish was Filet de Boeuf au Porto, 185K. The fillet mignon was put on top the mashed broccoli and stacked with potato chips, paired with port wine reduction. I asked for medium rare and that's exactly what I had, It was superB! :D The mashed broccoli was also very good, I never thought broccoli would taste that good. The potato although looked very inviting, I think it needs more seasoning, S & P would be good ;) And the sauce, it has a very deep taste and went fine with the steak, although the meat alone would be nice for me :)
 Mr Chubby is not a fan of sweet so he let me to choose the dessert for me. I went for Strawberry Pleasure since he love a simple chiffon cake. It's basically is strawberry shortcake served with cream and raspberry coulis. The cream was fresh, but the shortcake was a bit dry for me. I was more into the raspberry coulis.
We also ordered the Chocolate Cheese Cake. It's a chilled chocolate cheese cake topped with ganache and the base was oreo, served with blood orange gelée (jelly a-like but more liquid, thickened with gelatin). It was quite good, but I was already so full by the time this dessert arrived, I couldn't finish it :( The cheese cake wasn't so cheesy and rich, it's more like a thicker version of  mousse. But it was good when paired with the rich ganache and crispy oreo. The raspberry for me didn't put any difference. The gelée on the other hand was the winner of this plate, it was fresh and easily cut the richness of the other plate members. My only comment was only about the cutlery for the gelée since the glass was so small and the spoon provided was very big. 

Overall, I think it's a very good dining experience, especially with the price deal :) Will I ever dining here again? Of course, but maybe I'll put this one for special occasion only :D

Madeleine Bistro
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 89 Gedung 89
Ph : (021) 71794538

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