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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

.Wild Wild Resto, Pluit Junction.

.Spaghetti Bolognaise. Nachos with Guacamole. Hainan Chicken Rice.

This is a new restaurant located at Pluit Junction. I always thought this restaurant was a lil bit ridiculous, since the fact that their name is Wild Wild Resto, but i dont find anything's wild from this resto. maybe i can define 'wild' as 'freely-campur-aduk-interior-as-you-wish', perhaps? the interior was so confusing, it mixed the game station interior [located just beside this resto] and chinese story [Sun Go Kong statue, etc] and Jungle atmosphere [?]. And i dont get anything of them related to imitate sakura flowers that filled the ceiling.

Ya anyway, their menu was quite impressing, they claim themselves served different cuisine from many countries. but most of them wasnt available yet, like the pizza menus, steak menus, etc. so what's left? Indonesian cuisine :| interesting huh?

Maybe i'll be visiting this resto later, after their menu has been completed.

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