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I thought I'm just gonna say that I'm a simple girl in this complicated world, but I think it's just what I want to be - a simple person.

Friday, November 14, 2008

.Rice Bowl, Mega Mall.

.Ayam Kung Pao.

.Kailan Cah Garlic.

.Singapore Fried Chicken.
.Hot and Sour Soup.
I think all i can remember from this restaurant, is not their food, but their waitress. They are all lemot and ngaco -___-


Bondan Rastika said...

slurp! ngiler kailan nyaaaaaaa... hahaha.. gw kalo di rice bowl selalu pesen hainan chicken rice huaeauehheh murah meriah mantaaapppss.. :P

SeorangPrempuan said...

@Bondan : iye hainan chicen ricenya murah banget bo, cm 9900, banyak banget and enak lg! :D