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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

.Eat and Eat, Kelapa Gading.

One of my friend was having her bed rest during her pregnancy, so me and the other old friends [baca : we’re old friend, but we’re not old at all ! :P ] visit her at her apartement, after that as the dragon inside our stomach started to crying, we went to Gading. And we found this food court.

I loooovveee the interior since the first step, it’s soooo indo-chinese classic. On every corner, you can find many old things like teko jadul, piring2 seng, rantangan besi, aww it gave me my old memories when i’m still using that things.

Anyway aside from the classic interior, they’re using modern system. To buy food, we should recharge a card from a locket in front of the food court. And of course, you can redempt it back. On each counter there’s a touch screen cashier machine, cool huh?

Gosh i hate food court, it makes you want to eat anything, i hate when i’m being laper mata :| we ordered Soto Mie, Bakmie Kepiting, Ayam Bakar, Sop Buntut Goreng, etc. I realized I always ordered soto mie each time went to food court, I dont know why. The soto mie first appearance was amusing, it came with a alumunium stand on the bottom of it, so we wont get the heat from the bowl. But as i started to dig it, i am dissapointed. They are not using the usual mie kuning i loved :| they’re using mie telor, kinda like indomi soto mie huks huks.

Bakmi Kepiting wasnt that good too :( and i’d rather eat at Bakmie Kepiting Lokasari [located next to Kwetiao Abun 79] for that price! It came only with 1 small tiny bity crab’s legs [ok i dont know what’s word for kaki kepiting lol], and you called it Bakmie Kepiting, heh?

One meal that went well was Sop Buntut Goreng, it tasted great *droll* i want more. Anyway, i also want to try Carrot Cake, Nasi Bali, but i’m already too full at that time :( but, i tried Klappertaart, i am not a fan of cake, so it’s my first time try that. Errrr,...it tasted...weird? it’s like soes filling cream, but it doesnt have butter taste in it -___-

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