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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

.Loving Hut, Plasa Semanggi.

Having a meeting at plasa semanggi after office hour around dinner time maybe wasnt the best thing to do, especially when they helded a kartini thingy [exhibition, celebration, etc.] on the ground floor. So i have to pick a spacious restaurant and a comfort one, but of course not that cozy that make you fall asleep when you sit on their sofa or chair. And i am lame on this thing. I picked loving hut [got a warm feeling by their name :P], and i learned my lesson today : always trust the crowd!

We ordered Soto Kudus, Soto Betawi, and Peach Juice. I dont remember the price exactly, but i remembered i’d rather eat at Popeye’s rather than this one. So maybe it’s kinda pricey compared with the food and quality.

Soto kudus, i’ve been craving for this since last week, and too bad my urgent wanting feeling [baca : ngidam] wasnt fulfilled perfectly -__- it did not tasted good, well actually it did not tasted anything. So does their Soto betawi.

The Peach Juice, i wont called it peach juice, it tasted sooo alike orange juice, where the hell is my peach? Oh i remembered this one cost me 20K for a little glass with a bunch of ice in it. Gosh.

Well, the only thing that good, is their service, and of course the waitress. Some of them were cute! [Ame, behaveeee!!]


callmenic said...

loving hut itu kan resto vege
tw ga kk?
mungkin krn itu rasa makanan ny jd agak beda :D

SeorangPrempuan said...

oh resto vege ya? gue baru tau. well gue sendiri kadang2 ke resto vege sih, makanan vege sama aja sih rasanya d lidah buat gue, tp yg di loving hut ini bener2 tawar bok, makanan vege pan nga harus tawar :P