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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

.Sushi Tengoku, Emporium Pluit Mall.

Sushi Tengoku
Emporium Pluit Mall
Lt 4 – 30 & 31 Ph. (021) 66676297

So, there’s new hip restaurant at Emporium pluit, Sushi Tengoku. I remembered this restaurant has a branch at kelapa gading, but i havent visited that branch yet. So, when mr A and me went for a movie at empo, i dragged him to try this one. I forgot to bring my camera, so mind the crappy photos :P

We ordered Beef Katsu Curry 45K, Kimchi Chachang 35K, Kanisoka Special 55K, Genki Maki 37,5K, and Tobiko Roll 28,5 K.

Mr A loved the curry, and me too! Fyi, I dont like curry, because curry usually tasted too ‘rempah2’ for me, but this one was great, and also, the beef katsu is HUGE and deep fried perfectly, worth with the price i think :P

Usually i dont go along with kimchi and other korean-japanese thingy, but since my last experience with Han Gang PS [which btw, i loved their bibimbap!], so i’m gonna give it a try. And thank God, my shot wasnt that bad, even it went great. I loved my Kimchi Chachang, it’s kimchi fried rice with dried seaweed on the top of it. I dont usually order fried rice, because usually they made it too oily, it’s different from my mom’s. And this one seems alike with my mom’s so i loved it. The kimchi itself added great taste and texture when chewing, and they mixed it with several seafood and egg. Yummy!

Well, the rest was sushi. It didnt tasted fresh, quite so so, so no comment :)

When we arrived, the restaurant was quite full, because it’s around dinner time. They forgot our order for 2-3 times, even we have to wait approx. 30 minutes for 1 sushi. But blessed them, i dont mind, i have too much stories to catch up with my bestie! But later, maybe i’ll visit this restaurant not in meal time, and of course, stay away from their sushi! :P

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