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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

.Secret Recipe, Emporium Pluit Mall.

Secret Recipe
Emporium Pluit Lt. 4 No. 21
Ph. (021) 66676538

I’ve been wanting to visit this restaurant since a month ago, but i didnt have any chance. So when they opened their new branch on emporium pluit, i dragged my sister to accompany me [again]. I’ve been loving their cheese cake ever since, but never tried their other menu.

So, there were we, on dinner time, and of course it’s totally crowded with people. We ordered Garden Salad 12,8K, Penne with Turkey 32,8K, Tom Yam Chicken 29,8K, and Yoghurt Mix 20,8K.

Well, being promoted by a friend of mine about their award winning tom yam, i would say....i’m kinda dissapointed with its taste. A lil bit too salty. And the penne didnt interested me also. I dont know, either the tomato or the cheese, or my nose, it smells awkward. The garden salad came along with thousand island sauce, and maybe i’m being a pizza hut thousand island sauce fans too much, i dont get along with secret recipe’s sauce.

Actually i didnt really mind the food, what i really mind was the service, i dont know, either the restaurant was too crowded [fyi, the capasity approx. 25 people], or their lack of SDM aka waitress [either the waitress amount or the waitress quality]. I have to wait about 20 minutes to get cabe botol and another 15 minutes for my spoon and fork, and even when i almost finished my meal, my drinks havent come yet, and fyi i ordered ice tea, that’s it. At least the waitress realized i dont impressed by the service, he said sorry when he served my ice tea.

After that, we went to cake area, ordered 2 cheese cakes [each 23,8K] for my parents. And we wait [baca : berdiri terus,nunggu...] about 30 minutes for that 2 goddamn cheese cakes to get ready. Gosh, if their cake wasnt that good, errrr... btw, if you want to try secret recipe, i recommended the classic one, it’s the best than the other fancy cake displayed!

I think i need to visit other branch for proofing my friend’s opinion -__-

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