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Sunday, October 30, 2011


So, voucher time again :P This time we're attacking Amigos, located right beside my office building, Bellagio Boutique Mall. The voucher deal was an all-you-can-eat from international buffet and a glass of ice tea (refillable) for 40K. The restaurant has a bit dark ambient although they use many bright colors on the interior, so sorry for picture quality :)
We were starting with salad bar, which kinda simple, few vegetables and one sauce, Thousand Island. Love the sauce :D
Next, the Taco bar. They only provided 2 types of meat , Chicken and Beef. I chose the Beef first over the Chicken. The Beef was okay, a bit bland but the salsa give it a nice refreshing touch. I was hoping the tortilla was more like naan bread, but their tortilla here was more like nachos. I never had a taco before, is it the right one? Don't know but I surely don't mind eating the tortilla itself.
And I did. hehe...The Chicken Taco was better than the Beef one.
The buffet was a bit of disappointing. I was hoping for more variety on the dishes, but they only provided 3 types of meat (Corn Salsa Chicken, Beef Goulash, and one spicy Chicken I could not remember) and one tray for steamed vegetable and one tray for Chicken Quesadilla. Need a bit more effort on Beef Goulash, since it was really chewy and hard to swallow -__-' The Chicken Quesadilla was tasted more cheesy than chicken.
The dessert bar only provided fresh fruits. To be honest the small buffet really doesn't WOW-ing me. Maybe I should try their a la carte menu next time...

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