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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

.Planet Hollywood.

Voucher time again with the team :) This time we're attacking Planet Hollywood with some vouchers for their shared meal package. We can choose from 3 options , The pizza (forgot the name), Kingkong Burger or Nachos + Spaghetti Bolognaise combo. Each of them includes 2 glasses of lemon tea. Since there were 6 of us, we chose to use 3 vouchers for all that options.
My lemon tea was not overly sweet, although I wish it was bigger.
The pizza's diameter was about 45cm. The topping was chicken and pepperoni, too bad the pizza was too thin and hard to chew. We could not even slice it, but ended using our hands. But pizza is one of finger lickin' good dishes right?
The Nachos was another disappointment, it's not as crunchy as expected and the guacamole wasn't smooth either. Even the sour cream wasn't sour at all. Thank God we had jalapeno to finish it off.
The bolognaise was okay, although not impressing us much. The bolognaise sauce was slightly dry.
Look at the size of this Kingkong Burger! It was really big and to be honest, after all the hard-to-chew dishes, I found the most appealing thing was the bread. It's moist and due to the thickness, it haven't soaked all of the oil from the meat. The meat itself was ordinary , medium rare as expected. More seasoning would be good though.

To be honest, despite their HUGE portion, it's still lacked so much taste. I still preferred Chilli's rather than this. The funny thing was the separator for smoking and non smoking area. It's only a q-up stand -__- either only that or I could not seen any real separator between those two areas.

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