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Saturday, October 01, 2011

.Penang Bistro.

Last month, I attended my division gathering held at Penang Bistro. Here's some of the pictures.

The man tau was crisp and fluffy inside. Dip it in condensed milk and I am happy all night long :)

Lobak Goreng was came in a plate with several fried stuff. The sweet and sour sauce was the star of the dish.

If you know me in a real life, I don't usually ordering rich and oily dish, especially the one with coconut milk, like padang or penang cuisine. I had some exceptional though. So, when my friend ordering us roti canai, I did not bother to try. But they were keep ordering this dish more. I was curious, and I tried it. I was disappointed. Disappointed why I did not try it before. This was THE BEST canai I ever had. It was not oily, fluffy and the curry....Don't let me start on the curry. It was thick, moist and spicy enough for waking up your appetite. I should hunt for some roti canai next time......

The prawn in egg salted york sauce was the star of the main dish. It was salty and spicy, kinda reminds me of Laksa Dutamas's version.

Overall, the dinner was great, the main courses were hits and misses. But the starter was worthy enough to praise. Definitely should be back for that fluffy canai!
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