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Sunday, October 02, 2011

.Fish and Co.

Last Saturday date :) Actually, I never knew Fish and Co has added several varieties in their menu. They had some influences from Indonesia, Singapore and even Japanese. Too bad it's only the two of us, I had an eye for their miso spaghetti or pizza.
Singapore Fish and Chips, 79K. It's a fish and chips topped with singaporean chili crab sauce. The fish batter was different than the ordinary one. It's more like kremes batter, crunchy with many rooms in it. The sauce was good, right on the sweet and spicy side. The fish, well I'm not a fan of fried fish. Especially like this one. As a ex-fisherman daughter, I had been spoiled with fresh seafood since childhood :P Most of all in steamed or pan-fried forms with minimum added sauce to bring the original flavor more. So, when I saw the fish was slightly mushy, I'm sorry for being rude to this fish :P But Mr Chubby more than happy to finish it all, he always had affair with the fried stuff!
Actually, I was wondering about their warm baquette and creamy mushroom soup. But the waitress suggested us to get Mussels in Garlic Butter sauce, 59K since it was came along with a basket or baquette. Smooth way to encourage the customer, especially me :P The sauce was excellent, melted in your mouth with strong garlic flavor. You don't need any mussels anyway.
Mop all the sauce till clean with warm baquette, yum yum :)
We also had Black Currant Tea, 22 K and Kola Tonic, 25K, all refillable. The Kola Tonic was weird though, kinda remind me of Kumquat or Kiamboi taste.

Overall, I think their new addition to the menu was quite impressing. And the portion was big so it's worth with the price :) Could be back for that butter sauce!

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