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Saturday, October 22, 2011

.Raja Kuring.

It's been busy and hectic week. My sister just had her wedding last week, thank God it all gone good :D Btw, she had her reception at Raja Kuring, Kota. I never tried their cook before though they had many good reviews from others. And people review's hardly go wrong :P Here's some dish worth mentioning :D
Appetizer platter was amusing! I especially loved the seaweed and beef...nyam... :D
Fruit Salad, well actually they tasted okay but I loved the combination plus the sauce was not too rich ..
I can eat 3 bowls of rice with this rice. Seriously addictive seasoning. I couldn't find out what's the little things on top of the fish. Ebi? Pork? Haha!
So'un with Vegetable and Pork. The fried bits of pork was the star of the dish.
Crispy Tofu. I love how they put the frying stuff in lighter side, like pork bits or this one. Lightly battered tofu, with crusted nori on top, and silky innards, it's really hard to let it go. If only I was not that stuffed ......... hiks.
The vegetable with mushroom was another delightful. Smooth mushroom come to me :D

Happy Wedding to my sister , may God bless your new family :D

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