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Sunday, October 02, 2011

.Bangkok Jam : Revisited.

Had a mid week date with Mr Chubby at Bangkok Jam. I always love this place with all the beautiful photographs hanging on the wall.
I was tempted by the lobster in the picture, so I ordered Omelette Fried Rice with Lobster, 37K. The lobster was much smaller than the picture (of course!) and a bit fishy. The rice was okay but the omelette was the saviour of this dish. It's moist and fluffy, like a blanket to the rice.
Pad Thai, 32K was another delightful dish. The ground peanut and dried chili accompany the tomato-y thai rice noodle. Totally a satisfying dish :)
We were also given 2 types of chili, and all of them was fenomenal.

Good date, good dinner, good night :)
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