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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

.Alex's Pizza and Pasta.

I was wondering around Epicentrum Walk for a dinner before headed to the theatre. I was almost tempted by the restaurant next door, but judging from the interior, I think Alex took more serious in Italian cuisine. Plus they had 25 percent discount for all items, hehehe..
The interior was actually ordinary, not too formal, nor too casual. The main dish menu was quite frontal, only consisted of salad, pizza and pasta.
Since I was alone for dinner, I chose to order lightly. I had Penne con Pollo Arrabiata, 35K. It's different than my previous experience with Arrabiata, which using smoked beef and garlic. Alex's version was using chicken and garlic and tomato sauce. The pasta was great, cooked perfectly. The chicken was moist and lovely. But the sauce...yum.. It really burst out with ginger and garlic flavors. I don't think the tomato did any help in this dish, I would love to dismiss the tomato :p

Another personal preferences was the chicken skin in this dish. I know chicken's breast sometimes too dry and need some fat to keep it moist, maybe that's why they put chicken skin in it? I felt healthy when I first ate this dish and went guilty after finishing that big chunk of chicken skin :(
I had Peach Tea, 15K for drink. I thought this would be ordinary, turns out it's the best peach tea I ever had! Not only they put peach bits in it, it also had some mint syrup and some bubble object which I could not identify.

The texture was similar to ikura or tobiko, the skin was thin and it popped out in your mouth and burst out into some liquid that surely ticklish your taste bud. It's really an interesting and fun way to drink! I asked was the bubble was house-made, and the waitress said they ordered it from their vendor. I was keen to ask their vendor, but I guess that would be impolite right?

Definitely would be back for that fun tea!
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