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Sunday, February 12, 2012

.Prince Waffle : Revisited.

Cute eh?

Another dinner date after work :) This time we hit the Prince Waffle. I think after the office time, they're using the florist area for serving the customers too. A bit awkward since you're sitting on the office setting but actually you're eating out.

Well anyway here's the food we ordered.
I wasn't really hungry at that time, so I only ordered Mushroom Soup, 20K. It tasted okay, a bit too milky for me, but the accompanied bread made up for it :)
Mr Chubby went for something more satisfying for his tummy, the Chicken Cordon Bleu, 35K. This dish is on my least-ordered-dishes list, as it's hard to find a good one. But Prince Waffle version was good, really good if I must say. The chicken was battered and fried perfectly and the beef inside was balanced well with the chicken. And the sauce..yummy. And huge portion too!Nachos,16K came a bit late than the others. The bbq sauce was sprinkled with bird eye's chili and cheese, nyam.We also ordered Jasmine Tea, 11K and Lychee Tea, 11K. Btw They are using Dilmah, so it's a good deal :)

We did not order any dessert as I wasn't in the mood for waffle, but next time I guess :)

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