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Sunday, February 12, 2012

.Siam Garden.

Few weeks ago, me and miss E was gonna get our massage session at PX, but before that, we went to Siam Garden for dinner.E ordered Soun Goreng Seafood, 30K. The portion was wise but they're just ordinary for me.I ordered Pad Thai, 36K. I was hoping it would be a good one, too bad it failed :( This one is no different than the ordinary kwetiau :( I always thought Pad Thai = ordinary kwetiau , but since Bangkok Jam I realized Pad Thai is no ordinary kwetiau, it's more fluffy and tasty, especially when mixed with the crushed peanut, sugar, chili and a wee bit of lime. We also ordered Perkedel Udang, 35K. Tasted like a frozen one :(For drinks, we had Ice Tea, 8K and Lemon Grass Tea,15K. Although I could not trace any lemon grass beside the fresh one placed on the glass, the honey mixed well with the tea.

Overall, I think this place was overpriced, don't think I ever come back -_-

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