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Sunday, February 19, 2012

.Raja Sunda.

After the big lunch, we went to Riau for shopping time :D We're planning to go back to Jakarta at noon, but Mr Chubby suggested us to have dinner at Bandung first. So after a recommendation from a friend, we went to Raja Sunda, right before the Pasteur Highway. I realized I've visited this place quite a long time ago, and I remember they served quite good dishes.

We were a group of 9 and I'm not feeling too hungry, so we ordered 2 packages (each for 4 persons), each of them about 200K (CMIIW).

I love their cute utensils!
The rice came in this small dandang :)Kangkung Oncom was delightful, a bit spicy for some people, but cooked well and it's still crunchy :)I don't remember why I don't eat Tahu Kipas, they looked good though...Ayam Goreng Mentega was much better than the previous we had at Sixty Cafe hehe...Udang Masak Kecap was too salty for me...Ayam Goreng Kremes was good!Those chili was addictive!
I was scared when this Gurame Terbang served on our table, look at his face! >.< But it was gooooodddd....My favorite was the Grilled Fish, served in a cute grilling place, the fish was fresh, sweet and tasty. One of the best grilled fish I had in a while! Another cute jar hehe..btw crackers is for free, woohoo!

Overall, I think they served quite good Sundanese dish, and the price was cheap, no wonder the place was always packed with people :)


Ryuki said...

omg... good photo shoot at all the food! it make me drool... i drooling all over the place! include my personal laptop. I am so hungry right now...

Cheng Prudjung said...

wahhh bikin laperrr ... enak nih ikan gurame terbang .. pengen nyobain .. dehhh