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Saturday, February 11, 2012

.Bubur Kwang Tung.

Hello! It's been quite a long time since I've updated this blog, due to some work stuffs. Well anyway let's start with a review on my CNY dinner, shall we? :D

After visiting my aunt's home at Mangga Besar, my family and Mr Chubby decided to have dinner outside. We were actually wanting to visit the Bakmi Kepiting beside the famous Kwetiau 78, but they were closed. So I remembered I've read somewhere about this place, Bubur Kwang Tung.

Located at Pecenongan, this place open 24 hours, so it's a nice place to hit anytime you want a good porridge :D
Started with a plate of peanut...generous portion btw.
My Brother ordered the Seafood Fried Rice, 50K. A bit pricey for a fried rice, but I think it's worth with the portion and the taste. It was everyone's favorite!
Brother In Law also could not eat without rice. Hainam Rice, 30K wasn't as good as I hoped :( The rice was hard to chew, and the chicken was dry :(
And of course , we couldn't not ordering their porridge right?

Crab Porridge, 55K came in a huge bowl. I think it could feed 3 persons. It was filled with crab's egg and a middle-size crab. If you are into crab's egg, I think you gonna find it as a bowl of heaven hehe...too bad I'm not but still, the porridge was excellent!
Seafood Porridge, 55K also came in the same huge bowl as the crab porridge. It also filled with generous amount of seafood in it :)
Scallop Porridge, 45K was my call for that night. It came in smaller bowl than the others two, but I found this was the tastiest. It filled with few BIG scallops, which is the best scallop I ever had. Totally satisfied with this dish :) It's as tasty as my mom's porridge!

What I loved about their porridge is every porridge has different color, that means each of them cooked separately and the porridge soaked all the goodness of the filling. Unlike the other 24 hours porridge I ever had, every spoon burst out with flavor :DEat the porridge with some soy sauce...And of course, Ca Kwe (4 pcs, 24K). I almost ordered each Ca Kwe for each person, thank God the waitress warn us about the portion and we ended up with 4 portions. As you can see, 4 portions was huge!

Definitely gonna be back for their porridge! :D

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