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Sunday, February 12, 2012

.Marche : Revisited.

Friday lunch time! :DDrooling everytime I passed this bread and soup area..E picked Lunch Set for Friday : Rosti with Salmon Carpaccio + Soft Drink / Tea for 55K. Good deal. I never tried a rosti before, It tasted...a bit undercooked or is it the way rosti done? Not my favorite -_-I chose their Homemade Pasta with Chicken and Mushroom in Tomato Sauce. I never had a pasta this bad. Seriously bad. It's tasteless, and the pasta itself was overly overcooked. The sauce did not even help anything. I even could not finish half of it. Shame :(E and me chose to share a Potato Soup, which so thick but could not compared with the glorious Cream Parsley Soup on my previous visit.We also ordered Garlic Bread, tasted fine.

I think I might me ordering the wrong dish, I hope I won't order the dish wrong next time, since the price wasn't that cheap to waste hehe..

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