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Sunday, February 19, 2012

.Sixty Cafe.

The week after Sukabumi trip, we decided to surveying Bandung area. After visiting GH Universal Hotel, we went to Sixty Cafe around Naripan area for another food test. This time we were given 2 courses, Asian (72.5K++ / pax) and Western (75K++ / pax).

The first to arrive was Asian course. Crab and Egg Soup; it's delightful. The crab was generous and nicely seasoned.Ayam Goreng Saus Mentega; I couldn't find any butter nor margarine existed, instead we got a stack of dry chicken with a pool of oil on the bottom. It was so bad T^TDori in Spicy and Sour Sauce; It was fresh, and the fish was nicely battered and combined with the spicy and sour sauce, yum !Sauteed Vegetable; I love this simple dish, it's humble and sweet :)Black Pepper Beef; It was different than the ordinary black pepper beef I usually had, it was light-battered and fried before mixed in the black pepper sauce! Nice combination! It was my favorite among all the dishes:)We also given with this Red Dragon Smoothie for palate cleanser during 2 courses. I love the smoothie, it was very fresh, but a bit too sweet for me :)

The second course was western cuisine.The Cream of Chicken Soup; It has nice thickness but it's too milky for us. Beef Stew; I like the sauce but too bad it's undercooked (for some people) and chewy.Chicken Piccata; The batter was rustic and easily fall down from the meat, so no this is not a good fried stuff. The sauce was quite good though. Seafood Stew; I love this dish, it has the right balance of meat and cream. All I need is some bread to soaked all the sauce left in the plate.

After the two courses, we decided to took the Asian course over the Western one, since it was good and easily accepted for most people.Btw, my Peach Ice Tea was good :DTeh Tarik was ordinary.Lemon Tea was sour, real lemon yum!I also scored Durian Ice Cream this time! woohoo! :D

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