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Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've been busy these past few weeks with office stuffs, especially about my company gathering. Me and the team has been surveying few places, this time we went to Sukabumi to visit Lido Resort and Pangrango Resort.

Lido Resort was okay, a bit too old for our taste, and it kinda remind me with Marbella at Anyer. But the room capacity was not enough for our company, so we had to put it off. The next resort was Pangrango Resort. It was big, also a bit old but the service was excellent. They even offered to try their dishes! And so we did... hehe.

We were arrived quite late because of the traffic, so some of the dishes were already been cold..Tahu and Tempe were ordinary...Chicken in Hot and Sour Soup was good, if only it was hot T^T
Pickles :DThe weather was really cold that day, so everyone took a spoon of Macaroni Soup with a smile, but too bad, it was overly salty huhu..This vegetable (I don't know the name) with mushroom was excellent! I rarely say anything about vegetable since I don't really like them but I still eat them for my health, but this dish was something I would rave about. It's really good, the texture was still crunchy, and the sauce..excellent :)Indonesian need sambal everytime!Finished the meal with pudding....not bad.

In the end, we did not pick Pangrango since the resort was quite old and the room wasn't comfy enough :( too bad :(Btw, on the way home, we managed to stop for durian time! Woohoo :D

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