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Sunday, July 08, 2012

.Fish and Chips.

After our big lunch, we were back to our itinary to visit this place, I once read about it on Jen's blog, Fish and Chips. The place was not so hard to find, but the parking space was very hard to find. Either you park on the La Codefin bulding behind the place, or you just park in front of the place, like we did :P

The humble place was serving classic dish, like burgers and fish and chips. They were also serving side dish like onion rings and chips. I was very full at that time, somehow Mr Chubby convinced me to order the Fish and chips (Captaens portion) 50K and a bag of chips (Medium) 17K. Talks about glutonny huh?
Anyway, the fish was good! It's fresh and not oily. It's kinda different than the commercial fish and chips we found nowadays at the mall. It's more like a home-made meal at home. 

I think I can't compared it one-to-one since it's fried stuff, and I know (so far) no matter I tried I never achieved that kind of golden-crisp-deliciousness-like-Mcd-had for my fries, but I also always love my home-made fries. So my answer was it depends on my mood. If you currently into the modern style and very crisp fish and chips, then the commercial is the answer. But if you currently into the home-made-feels-like fried stuff, you should go to this place. 

Beside, the house-made tartar sauce was to die for. Hands up, the best tartar sauce I ever had. I can't describe it much (again, food coma made your taste bud die for a while) but it was very balanced and a bit tangy in the end. I couldn't finish the meal (of course) and brought home the rest of the fries. Even when it's already soggy, the tartar sauce made up for it. 

Totally coming back for that crazy sauce.

Fish and Chips
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 3
Ph : (021) 7196884

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