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Sunday, July 08, 2012

.Japanese Festival, Pluit Village.

Well, I forgot what kind of festival is it. Is it Japanese or Indomie (?), since I found many Indomie props in the festival -__-

But  I found this stall, Flip Flop who sold japanese snack like Takoyaki , Okonomiyaki and Taiyaki. I was heading to the gym so I didn't want to do so much sin and went for a light snack, Takoyaki.

The making of taiyaki (left) and okonomiyaki (right)
The making of Takoyaki
I got myself a box of takoyaki for..10 or 12K? I forgot, around that lah. I would say it's the best budget-limited takoyaki I ever had. For that price, usually what I had is a small dough-y ball with tiny octopus in it and some sauce (usually I need more sauce). Their Takoyaki has the right amount of dough and the octopus flavor was subtle. Plus, they put many katsuoboshi like I ordered :D
Don't ask me why I also ended with Taiyaki :P I chose the red bean flavor. The cake itself has crunchy skin, but too crumbly IMHO. But the red bean paste was good :D
When I passed the festival again on my way home, I bought home a waffel from Waffely Good (Cinnamon, 15K). I think it's made few hours before, so all I got was a soggy waffel :(

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